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Over the past decade, Lithium One has built a wide variety of custom homes and pre-built homes in Prince George and the surrounding area. To start, we work with each client from the first sketches to the final finishes to ensure that every home we design is completely tailored to your budget and your individual preferences.  Once you’re satisfied with the plans, our experienced team of local tradespeople, contractors, and labourers will then construct your home with unparalleled attention to detail.  End result: a well-built custom home that is both designed for you and designed for our northern climate.

The ranchers, split-levels, bungalows, and two-storey builds featured below are all examples of what Lithium One can build for you.  Explore the interior of each home and imagine how you’d customize it for your own family! For more photos on a regular basis, you can follow us on Facebook.


Carmichael Street

Inglewood Road

Rowe Street Lot 28

Beaverly Region

Rowe Street Lot 19


Syms Road

Vista Ridge Lot 26

Vista Ridge Lot 27

Barnes Drive


2019 Hospice Dream Home

Parkview Lot 25

Vista Ridge Lot 12

Parkside Lot 4

Parkview Lot 30 Custom Home

Vista Ridge Lot 35

The first step to building a new custom home starts with a solid understanding of the process.

Learn how the financing process for custom homes differs from getting a traditional mortgage, see what the Lithium One building process is like, and understand why energy efficiency is so important in the north.

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We’ve built homes in Prince George in a wide variety of subdivisions including University Heights, Vista Ridge, Parkview, and Parkside.  Each of these neighbourhoods has their own unique character surrounded by northern forests and stunning views.  Lithium One is proud to be a part of the growth of these new neighbourhood communities.

Vista Ridge Lot 36

Vista Ridge Lot 49 Custom Home

2018 Hospice Dream Home

Parkview Lot 23

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