About The Energy Star Program

All new homes built in British Columbia must meet certain minimum standards.  For example, the builder must be licensed under the Homeowner Protection Act and provide a third-party warranty.  The house itself must meet the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code to ensure it is reasonably well-built and energy efficient.

At Lithium One, we’re not satisfied with passing the minimum requirements.  The clients we build homes for expect more – so that’s why we are a proud member of the Energy Star program.  Any house you purchase from Lithium One will be Energy Star certified.

Why Energy Star Homes Are Best

A home that meets the Energy Star standards is better for your budget, better for the environment, and better for your health.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy
  • Improved air sealing that prevents dust and pollen entering
  • Better quality windows that keep the temperature balanced
  • Extra insulation to prevent heat loss during long winters

All together, an Energy Star certified home is estimated to be 20% more energy efficient than a regular home.  You can expect to save several hundred dollars a year on your gas or electricity bill.

Trusted and Certified

When you move into an Energy Star certified house built by Lithium One, you can be assured that your home is built to exacting standards.  The team at Lithium One are trained Energy Star builders licensed by the Government of Canada.  Your home will be awarded an Energy Star label approved by the government, and you will also receive an Energy Star certificate.

To learn more about the Energy Star program, please visit the Natural Resources Canada website.